I really thought I was doing the things to prevent cancer and disease in general. I love and eat berries. I juice…at that Kale. I used to drink spirulina with water–even though it tasted like I was drinking spoiled fish. lol!  I eat plenty of organic veggies–in fact, I had a strict vegan diet for a year after attending Tony Robbins’s Unleash the Power Within. I exercise. I take vitamins. For the last four years, I’ve detoxed at least twice a year, consisting of periods of a raw diet. I practice prayer and meditation. I’m quick to get a massage or a therapist. And I love life, and I’m grateful. And it–abnormal cells, necrosis, comedo, intermediate grade 2–is still here, in the ducts near my chest wall and 12:00 in relation to my nipple.

All that to prevent this. The new narrative I tell myself “Well, may be the health foods and the alternative therapies did prevent cancer. May be that’s why you’re stage 0 and your myoepithelial layer is intact. May be that’s why you felt the lump.” This is why I’m interested in the BRCA1/2–maybe I’m genetically more susceptible to cancer. The inspiration behind Elizabeth’s Gone Raw may be the answer, I say. But I love balance. I shall continue to tune in and listen to my body.

Still Grateful!



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